Make-Up Tips

Easy Tips, Tricks and Secrets for a Perfectly Painted face!

Black eyeliner can make eyes look smaller - opt for slate instead, which looks great no matter what the shape or color of your eyes.

A clear lip balm with shimmer, applied to the skin just above your cupid's bow — the area below your nose and between the peaks of your top lip, will add light to that area and create the illusion of larger lips. 

To make your nose look slimmer
, after applying foundation, swipe a highlighter (sans shimmer) down the bridge of the nose and set with translucent powder.

After a late night or too few hours of rest,  apply an extra coat of mascara.  It
really makes your eyes appear to be more open and brightens your whole face.

Self tanners are a great way to fake a bronze bod
but can be very tricky to apply on the face. Your best bet is a powder bronzer. Make sure to use a powder brush, rather than a blush brush, for the most even application.

Play up one feature at a time.
Dramatic, smoky eyes look best when paired with nude lips and a sexy red pout with more toned down eye make-up.

For a quick, easy "smoky-eye" look, simply use kohl liner, which is easy to blend and two coats of thickening mascara, in black, of course.

A basic lip balm (like Chapstick)
applied to lips, just outside the lip line, will fill in lines and help lipstick go on smoother and stay on longer - it's like invisible spackle!

Try this trick for an instantly youthful look - Apply blush starting at the hairline and sweep the brush horizontally (not diagonally) across the face, toward the cheekbone, instead of vice versa.

To make the whites of your eyes appear whiter,
after applying your normal black or brown mascara, 
 apply blue mascara to the tips of upper lashes. This trick really helps brighten tired eyes.