Skincare Secrets

Here are some of the best kept secrets for beautiful skin at any age -
including easy to make recipes and tips for a glowing complexion

Natural Recipes & Tips  for Healthy Skin
Honey Yogurt Face Mask to soothe and smooth your face: Combine 1 tbsp of plain, all natural yogurt, 1 tsp of honey and a few drops of fresh lime juice. Spread mixture onto clean skin, avoiding the eye area. Let sit for 15 min. and remove with warm water and a washcloth. Splash face with cool water.

Strawberry Mask to clear acne prone skin: Mash together 1/4 cup of fresh strawberries and 1/4 cup of sour cream. Apply to freshly cleansed skin for 10-15 min. Rinse with warm water. Splash face with cool water.

Rose Mask for combination skin: 4-5 fresh rosepetals,  2 tbsp of rosewater,  1 tbsp of plain, all natural yogurt,  1tbsp honey - Soak rose petals in purified water and then crush them in a bowl (using the back of a spoon) Add remaining ingredients. mix well. Apply to face for 15 minutes and rinse well with warm water and a washcloth.

Papaya Enzyme Mask for exfoliation: Mix 1/2 cup of mashed papaya, 1 tsp honey, and one egg white.  Apply to clean skin for 5-10 min. Rinse with warm water. Splash face with cool water.

Fruit Toner to tighten pores: Combine  1/2 cup fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, 1 tsp lemon juice, 1 tsp vodka, 1 tsp purified water - in small jar or bottle. Shake well and refridgerate. Wipe over face and neck, using a cotton ball. Avoid eye area.

Milk & Honey Moisture Mask: Mix 2 tbsp honey with 2 tbsp whole milk.  Apply to face for 15-20 minutes and rinse with luke warm water.

Potato Mask for dark circles: 1/3 cup grated, raw potato wrapped in cheesecloth. Apply to under eye area for 20 minutes. Rinse and follow with eye cream or gel.

Apple Cider Vinegar Astringent for oily skin: Combine equal parts of raw, unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar with purified water in small jar or bottle. Shake well. Wipe over face and neck using a cotton ball.

Cucumber Sugar Scrub to smooth and exfoliate: Mash cucumber and strain to remove liquid. Mix with 1 tbsp of granulated sugar. Apply to cleansed facial skin as a scrub. Rinse with luke warm water.

Banish blackheads on your nose with Elmer's Glue! Apply a thin layer to clean skin, let dry and slowly peel away.

Sleep on your back and use only satin pillowcases. Both reduce friction and will save you plenty of wrinkles over time. I can not stress this enough: Plenty of rest is essential if you want a beautiful complexion!

Rosewater is an instant remedy for puffy eyes. Soak two cotton pads in rosewater and place over eyelids. Relax for five minutes and rinse with cool water for refreshed, de-puffed eyes!

Peaches for a peaches and cream complexion. Peach juice can banish blemishes, lighten age spots and reduce wrinkles.Simply rub a fresh peach slice over clean skin and rinse after 20 minutes. Skin will be firm and fresh.

To eliminate discomfort when plucking your eyebrows, apply an over the counter anesthetic, like Ambesol a few minutes prior to tweezing.

It's never too early to start preventing wrinkles - one of the best things you can do now is to sleep only on a satin pillowcase - not only will it help prevent wrinkles but is also better for your hair.

Never, ever go to bed without washing your face!

This tip is not for anyone with sensitive skin and should always be used with caution. For ultra silky smooth legs, use a cream depilatory, such as Nair or Veet, instead of shaving gel. Smooth onto damp legs and shave immediately. Do not wait as you would normally do when using a hair removing cream. Rinse, pat dry and slather on moisturizer.  

Moisturizers containing Alpha-hydroxy acids can help skin produce more moisture on its own. 

It's important to keep your skin clean but washing more than twice per day can disturb the natural lipid barrier, which keeps skin looking and feeling soft and healthy.

For a simple DIY scrub, mix a teaspoon of white sugar, corn meal, baking soda, or cooled coffee grounds into your daily cleanser.

One reason you look so great after receiving a professional facial is because of the increased blood circulation.  Whenever you apply a treatment or cleanse, apply light pressure -- enough so you can feel the bones of your face -- with your finger tips. Start at the jaw line and move up to the forehead using upward strokes.

Don't drink soda! Water and/or green tea are best for skin because they both reduce the cellular inflammation associated with aging.

A daily dose of sunlight is actually good for you. The suns rays regulate vitamin D levels, which helps prevent breast cancer, UV light also kills acne causing bacteria and a little sunshine has been shown to boost mood levels. Just don't forget to wear sunscreen!

Get plenty of exercise. Sweating helps the body eliminate bacteria, toxins and grime from within your pores. And it also increases blood flow to the skin. 

Be sure to use a PH balanced cleanser - of 4.5 to 5 is ideal, anything higher will dry out skin.

Always apply face moisturizer before blow-drying your hair. The hot air can actually damage delicate facial skin.

Wake up your skin by exfoliating first thing in the morning - skin will look fresh, bright and renewed.

Spices such as turmeric, ginger and cinnamon have anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce fine lines and help prevent skin from aging. Just sprinkle some onto your food to reap the benefits.

For baby soft feet, do this before bedtime: First, wipe hard, calloused areas - like rough heels -  with pads made for acne prone skin, containing salicylic acid (such as Stridex pads). Then, slather with a heavy duty moisturizing lotion or body butter and put on a pair of socks. The salicylic acid sloughs off the dead dry skin and allows the moisturizer to penetrate.

After applying moisturizer, allow it to sink into skin at least five minutes before applying make-up.

Baby wipes are an excellent way to remove make-up - especially eye make-up, because cotton balls can leave behind eye irritating fibers.

Pumpkin Facial:  combine 2 tsp of canned pumpkin, 1/2 tsp of honey and 1/4 tablespoon of milk - apply to clean skin for 15 ,im and rinse. The pumpkin's natural enzymes help exfoliate dead dull skin and the milk and honey bind moisture to the skin.

Tropical Treat for Feet: 1/2 mashed papaya,  1/2 cup plain yogurt, 1 tsp honey, 1tsp of grapeseed or olive oil, fresh mint leaves, crushed - mix all ingredients in a small bowl and  massage onto rough, tired feet. Place each foot into a small plastic bag or cover with plastic wrap for 10 min. and rinse. Feet will be smooth and refreshed. This treatment can also be used on hands, as well.

Natural, plant based oils are excellent moisturizers  - and also make superior cleansers for skin. Unlike soap based cleaners - which contain sulfates - oils remove dirt and make-up without stripping the skin. The result is a smooth, glowing complexion.

Take a few extra minutes before bed to slowly massage moisturizer or cream onto your face.  This not only increases blood flow but also warms the moisturizer, making it more easily absorbed and more effective.


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